It is hard to describe the service provided by this wonderful family run bed and breakfast in a few short words. The standard of accommodation and food was way beyond what you would expect from a bed and breakfast and the hospitality of the hosts was excellent even by Taiwanese standards. We were picked up from the airport, driven into the local village to hire a scooter and in addition there was someone on hand constantly to give us advice about places to visit and places to stay, all of which proved to be first-rate.  In short, this would be an excellent choice of place to stay if your planning a trip down the east coast of Taiwan or if you just want a lazy few days by the sea.   




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  • <p>謝謝plard的翻譯...這樣可以讓更多人看得懂強納生的意思囉</p>
  • plard
  • <p>這真的是很難用簡短的幾個字來形容這美妙的早餐還有這家棒極了的民宿所提供的服務。這樣水準的招待與食物實在比你想像中就是睡覺與用早餐的民宿好的太多了。而且殷主人的勤招待家就以全台灣而言也算是超棒的。我們從機場就一路被接送到當地的小鎮去租用腳踏車。而且一直有人不斷的向我們介紹好玩的地方,所有的這一切服務都是最高級的。簡言之,如果你在計畫一個台灣東海岸的旅行,或是慵懶的海灘幾日遊。這裡無疑是你最好的住宿選擇。</p>